What is Mobile Marketing?

What is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile marketing refers to marketing and advertising that is done on basic mobile phones, smart phones, or any other wireless devices that can send and receive SMSMMSIVR, or Bluetooth messages. It is done to send a marketing message, generate visibility, awareness, engagement or loyalty. The Mobile Marketing Association defines mobile marketing as “a set of practices that enables organizations to communicate and engage with their audience in an interactive and relevant manner through any mobile device or network.”

Mobile is our second shadow. It is extension of our lifestyle. It is a communication medium that offers ubiquitous reach. These basic features, in my views, makes mobile marketing is effective, valuable and result oriented communication tool. It can be effectively used to start relationships, generate awareness, acquire clients, stimulate social interaction, and generate loyalty. Most importantly it is present at time of consumers’ experience, when they want to express their feelings. There are many other features of mobile which are important for the integrated communication. The article, “Mobile Marketing: Features
that makes it effective, valuable and result oriented”,  explains the features of mobile marketing in detail. The other mobile marketing features include:

  • Mobile communication can be targeted and specific to individual.
  • Mobile communication is immediate, localizable and targeted.
  • Mobile has ability to integrate with existing communication
  • Mobile marketing message has potential of becoming viral.
  • Mobile is great communication, and marketing tool.
  • Mobile marketing offers subscribers to have control over messages
  • Mobile marketer can understand and analyze user behavior.
  • Mobile offers a secure online payment environment.

Mobile marketing isn’t just about sending ads to the consumer but is also about engaging them. In order to be a successful mobile campaign, the campaign design has to be about providing value. In general, there are many ways to utilize mobile marketing in business, and every business needs are unique mobile marketing approach. I believe, irrespective of nature of business and campaign design the basic principles of mobile marketing remains unchanged.

  • It is important to get customers opt-in.
  • Marketer should make sure that customer can opt-out.
  • Marketers should segment customer base.
  • The message should have value for customer.
  • The success of campaign depends on its Timing.

Disclaimer: The views represented in the presentation have nothing to do with the companies I have personal, professional, or academic interest. It is absolutely my view which is based on the years of experience in the business.

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