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Digital strategy – Expert strategic advice, driven by research and data


Digital delivery – Brilliant design and technology solutions


Digital marketing – Highly-effective and measurable digital campaigns

We help our clients achieve success through brilliant digital platforms and campaigns. Treat us as your extended digital department.

Our expert consultants help you transform faster and quickly achieve business outcomes.



Organizations are trying to achieve new growth and prosperity goals by fundamentally doing the same thing they always were but expecting things to be different this time. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way! We help you think about your business in a whole new way. Our consultants will bring a whole new perspective your business challenges and help you see a better future with unlimited possibilities.

Our Marketing Consulting Services combine in-depth customer insights, industry & competitor understanding to our hands-on experience in sales, business development and marketing operations to help our clients build sustainable, organic business growth. We help you achieve organic, profitable growth by focusing on Customer Insights; Benchmarking your position against your competitors and building a marketing strategy that helps you differentiate your offerings & a marketing plan that delivers a consistent customer experience at every touchpoint.

Our marketing consulting services put customers at the center of marketing processes. We will align your brand & marketing communications strategy to your business objectives and track it with real metrics to stay on course. We work with you to develop new ideas and new technologies, and develop profitable products and strategies to help you stay ahead of the competition game.

Your brand is your asset and like any other asset, it must be managed with due attention and ensure consistency and relevancy towards the current market situations. We provide that best brand management services that will help your brand get noticed by customers.
Our Brand consultants have worked with several luxury and lifestyles brands in India and overseas and have a thorough understanding of experiences that can help brands, products and individuals to differentiate themselves in the cluttered marketplace. Armed with extraordinary execution, our brand consultants can offer strategic brand building solutions to promote your brand globally and in India. As a brand consulting company, we design solutions that are unique to your business.


Actionable customers insights are the real source of business growth. Businesses can innovate unique products & services based on customer insights and application of organizational expertise and domain knowledge. We help your business seize this opportunity through innovation. We work with you to develop new ideas and new technologies and develop profitable products and strategies to help you stay ahead of the competition game.

Powerful technologies – including quantum computing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, robotics, augmented reality, virtual reality, Internet of Things (IoT), drone technologies and additive manufacturing – are beginning in new and competitive risks and opportunities, and businesses often struggle to keep up with them.

We support your decision processes on when and how to embrace new or emerging technologies. While the landscape is always changing, we help you understand the opportunities and implement programs to leverage new areas, including AI robotics and machine learning, blockchain, data analytics, big data, FinTech and the internet of things.

Internet and digital technologies have been transforming businesses across the world. However, digital transformation is not only about technology but customer and business processes.

We help you unearth latent customer’s needs and demands based on our understanding of consumer psychographics, behavioural information and interest. Customer insights coupled with our segmentation capabilities, analytics and experimentation, leading to actionable insights. Our actionable insights coupled with your domain expertise and industry knowledge can help you create sustainable and profitable growth.


Digital transformation is empowering a new breed of consumer who is in a constantly connected state. Only brands who lead with a winning digital strategy that drives multi-channel engagement can dominate this marketplace. Digital transformation initiatives also need an evolved Innovation and Learning Ecosystem. It helps develops a comprehensive solution that enables organizations to learn, educate, aware, reskill and upskill their people.

With new technologies and new products constantly popping up, and the short life for new skills, workplaces need to become environments for constant learning. That’s how you disrupt the disruption, build a self-planning workforce and become agile enough to evolve well into the future.

We work with you in business model reinvention and digital business growth depends on effective ecosystem management that maximizes value for the end customer. We help you ensure that digital transformation programs are established, well defined, set up for success and executed effectively. This includes providing technology readiness assessments, program and project management support, project assurance and change management/enablement.

New digital business models require the connectivity and collaboration provided by ecosystems to create sophisticated products and services that competitors cannot copy. However, simply bolting on ecosystems to an existing business model will not accomplish the digital business growth that organizations are aspiring to.
The Digital Culture is Real! infidirect is the partner you need that can help you make it now. We provide an objective view to help you remove the unnecessary barriers to innovation and change that exist in your organization. This includes helping you establish governance of your digital investment portfolio, assessing and developing your innovation culture, building “fit-to-purpose” policy frameworks and designing and delivering training and awareness programs.

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The team HermitFox is a passionate group of creative and dedicated professionals who believes that teamwork makes the dream work.


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